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REDirect" with The Berrics and RED Present "Form" by Colin Kennedy.

I’ve spent all morning watching RED Camera’s and The Berrics’s collaboration video series “REDirect which celebrates skateboard film-making.  My favorite, which I’ve collected stills from above, is called “form" and it was directed by Colin Kennedy and I think he created something very beautiful and powerful.  I’ve mentioned in other skateboard video posts how skateboard films have really become a form of art and this video is a perfect example of that.  Watch it below:

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"homeless people are on the same level as pigeons and should be treated as such" - multiple people, apparently

there is a war on poverty. it is a war to destroy the poor. to keep the rich rich and keep the rest of us complacent and quiet. pay your quarter to sit on this bench, but watch that time limit!

You know, housing every single homeless person actually costs LESS than letting them sleep on the streets. And that’s without the additional costs of measures like this.

You would rather pay to strip a person of their last places of refuge than you would to give them a fucking roof over their heads. Even when the latter would save you money. Nevermind that it’s nearly impossible to get a job while homeless. Nevermind that it’s nearly impossible to save money while homeless. Nevermind the number of homeless youth who have run away from abusive situations or been tossed out by homophobic/transphobic/ableist/otherwise abusive parents. Nevermind that it’s a felony to house a homeless youth for more than 24 hours, or help them find housing other than the home they can’t go back to. Nevermind all the youth and veterans and mentally ill people and disabled people and so fucking many others who have literally nowhere else to go.


You would rather put metal spikes anywhere they might take sanctuary - because I guess those are less of an “eyesore” than an actual fucking person, right? - and hey, if you’re a blind person or someone with mobility issues and no change on them or something who just needs someplace to sit or some other relevant disability, I hope you don’t mind all the formerly free and safe resting places around you being full of fucking spikes.

What a fucked up world we live in.

WOWWWWWWWWWWWW that last one fucked me up. Heartless bastards.

The money spent on spikes could be spent to actually help but hey… what do I know.

Read the fucking commentary

dont forget: the people who ARENT homeless will come to hate the homeless even more bc they have to pay to sit on a bench, there are spikes everywhere and they cant sit down for a moment, etc. they wont blame the local govt. its easy to hate the homeless for existing. 

oh my god this is horrifying

(Source: thinksquad)

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